Competitive Edge

Selling a company is a complex process that most owners only do once in their lifetime. Representing middle market companies requires a skill set that is unique and quite different than those required for larger transactions. If you are thinking about the sale or merger of your company, a few of the reasons why you should contact Bruce D. Schulman & Associates to be your transaction representative are listed as follows:

Expertise in middle market transactions - We have been helping owners achieve liquidity for over 35 years and have developed unique expertise in achieving strategic solutions for our clients. The depth of resources provided is normally seen only in larger sized transactions. Negotiations go more smoothly and quickly when your investment banking firm has extensive experience in closing transactions.

Personal involvement from the founder and principals of BDSA - The founder and other principals are involved in every transaction from start to close. Our expertise, advice, and skills gained from our past track record of completed transactions are utilized to guide our clients through the intricate process of a sale transaction.

Global network of potential buyers and investors - BDSA uses its own extensive marketing network to provide maximum coverage to groups who are prepared to write the check. Our global access to buyers creates worldwide exposure for our clients.

Creating competition among buyers - By attracting several acquirers and creating competition among them, BDSA generates the highest possible price, a variety of buyers and a choice of approaches for success in the marketplace.

Strong partnership with the client - We share the risk with you that we can sell your company. Our fees are largely back-end loaded. We receive a success fee only when the company is sold. Furthermore, business disruptions are minimized because the owner continues to operate the company while BDSA sells it. Potential acquirers are pre-qualified so your time is not wasted. Service to our clients and strong working relationships with them are of utmost importance to our firm. BDSA attempts to tailor every proposal to suit our client's needs.