Services Rendered

Our sole focus is to exclusively represent sellers in a sale or merger transaction. We assist clients through the numerous steps in the selling process including: determining the value of the company, preparing a confidential memorandum, selecting and contacting potential acquirers, negotiating terms and conditions, evaluating offers, and closing the transaction.

Clients are located throughout the United States in a broad range of industries. Transaction values typically range from $3 million to $125 million. Buyers include publicly and privately held companies, investment groups, families with extensive holdings, and non-U.S. firms. In every acquisition, we attempt to generate interest from at least four to six potential buyers including one, and sometimes two or three, from non-U.S. firms. The non-U. S. companies normally are the highest paying groups. Rarely is a company sold to a competitor. Often, they do not pay the highest value and their goal may be to discover proprietary information or even to eliminate a competitor rather than growing the acquisition.

Competition among acquirers is required to produce various options, different structures and the highest prices. When owners are provided with a choice of offers, price will often assume a secondary role in importance behind considerations such as compatibility of philosophies or cultures of the combined groups. The final offer accepted may not be the one at the highest price level but with a buyer or investor that the client believes will be the better match.

Flexibility is a key word when selling a company. All or part of a business can be sold, and buy-back provisions can be negotiated. Ongoing management is preferred but often is not necessary.